Social Aussie Rules Football

A non-tackle team sport anyone can play.

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7 a-side Co-ed games every week.

Learn the game 5 mins before hand or as you play. It is that easy, but great fun and high scoring..

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Be active, make friends & socialize

Play on a team, win or lose, drink with all afterwards. A great time you need try at least once.

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AFLS or Social Aussie Rules games are going on right now. We welcome you to come and try out this fun version of Aussie Rules Football.

And as the AFLS game, has modified rules, eg. no contact between players rules, it can be played safely under the all current CDC guidelines.

We continue the growth of the game of Aussie Rules with this game and increase the base membership of all USA teams that participate.

And in most locations it can be played nearly all year round and in some locations totally free to play. What have you got to lose?

Social Aussie Rules Sport - This Is Awesome Fun

The game is played 7 aside, on a field 75-90 yards in length normally used for soccer or football, but will be marked in an oval shape. These are men's, women's and co-ed games and there are no age limits.


The game is entirely safe like any other Recreation sport, so is a 100% non tackle and non contact game everyone can enjoy. It will be great for keeping yourself and the entire family fit and active during winter or the whole year round.


The added bonus is this is a social sport so we hang out together afterwards as part of the days games.


So if you are in the market for some fun activity, meet a whole bunch of new people learning a fast action new game just like you, then come on out.


Your first game is totally free to try, so what have you got to loose?